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Welcome to 7 Sevinor Road

Preview Gallery

Location Description

  • French Mediterranean Brick Country ChΓ’teau Estate located in Lynnfield, Massachusetts
  • House built in 2009 - Surrounding 12 acres owned by property owner
  • Open lots available directly across from location to accommodate large productions; including support vehicles, lighting, catering services and trailers.
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  • Potential to film 270 degrees of surrounding area without encountering any private property or other structural landmarks that may date or place the property at a specific geographical location
  • 11,000 sq. ft. aprox on two floors
  • 20 minutes aprox north of Boston
  • Interior includes Mediterranean Arches – oak wood doors and window trim – most floors are tiled with Italian Porcelain tile
  • 11 foot ceilings throughout home – excellent interior lightning state of the art LED
  • 8 foot arched observation windows allowing ample natural lighting and outdoor views of greenery and wildlife
  • Multiple Fireplaces 2 wood burning 2 natural gas
  • Custom wet bars serving areas throughout
  • 9 bathrooms – 5 Bedrooms
  • Sits on approximately 8 acres of manicured lawns and garden alongside Reservation Wooded areas
  • Outdoor covered Veranda includes 18' ceilings, over 1200 sq. ft., fireplace – bar – barbecue grilling areas – wood ceilings, chandeliers
  • Elevator accessing all three floors of home that can accommodate 4 people
  • 6 car garage with tiled flooring
  • Open Floor full basement with thousands of square feet available for storage or filming – 9 foot ceilings
  • 2 miles from exit 41 – Route 95 / Route 128
  • About 6 miles to Route 95 / 93 interchange – Woburn
  • Less than 45 minutes from New Hampshire Border
  • Courtyard parking area over 1,000 sq.ft.
  • Additional parking for large vehicles also available using empty lots located across from home – lots are owned by estate owner
  • Multiple Water Features
  • Granite Landscape circle
  • Front Entrance – mammoth granite three-way arch – custom rounded doors – interior entrance opening on to Italian Tile floor mosaic with mirrored wall
  • Carriage House Arch Stands at over 20 feet
  • Solar hot Water System – Including Solar Tubes and Photo Voltaic Solar Panel Grid atop garage